Fuses (Mega, ANL and Class-T)

Fuses (Mega, ANL and Class-T)

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In order to complement the high current fuseholders from our DC Modular lineup, we are able to supply the required fuses as well. TBS is a reseller of premium fuse brand Littelfuse. For optimal safety, we always advise our customers to use fuses from well known brands. The Littelfuse brand has been our first choice for many years, also for use inside our own electronic products.

At this moment we can offer the following fuse types from stock:

  • MEGA fuses in Amp ratings of 40A, 60A, 80A, 100A, 125A, 150A, 175A, 200A, 250A and 300A
  • ANL fuses in Amp ratings of 50A, 100A, 150A, 200A, 250A, 300A, 350A, 400A, 500A and 600A
  • Class-T fuses in Amp ratings of 225A, 300A, 400A, 450A and 600A

MEGA fuses are suitable for 12V and 24V battery systems and are mainly intended for short circuit protection since these are relatively slow acting fuses. Main applications are protection of batteries, alternators and cabling. Due to their small interrupt capability of 2kA, MEGA fuses are not suitable for use on large battery banks.

The ANL fuses that we have in stock are suitable for 12V,  24V and 48V battery systems. Just like the MEGA fuse type, these are mainly intended for short circuit protection due to their relatively slow acting behavior. ANL fuses are easy to replace due to the ‘fork’ design of the terminals. Main applications are protection of batteries, alternators and cabling. ANL fuses have a slightly larger interrupt capability than MEGA fuses, being in the range of 2.5 – 3kA. So these are also not recommended for use on large battery banks.

The Class-T fuses are compatible with any DC system up to 125V. Since these fuses are fast acting, they have excellent current limiting properties and can be used to not only protect batteries and cabling, but also downstream equipment. This makes the Class-T fuse the ideal choice for inverter installations. An additional benefit of the Class-T fuse is the extremely high interrupt capability of 200kA. This means that Class-T fuses are perfectly suitable to be used on large battery banks, as some safety regulations are also instructing.

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