DC/DC Battery Charger – Omnicharge DC 30A – 50A (12V/24V)

DC/DC Battery Charger – Omnicharge DC 30A – 50A (12V/24V)

(art.no. 5022400 & 5022420)

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The Omnicharge DC battery chargers are primarily intended to charge an auxiliary or service battery from a vehicle starter battery. The input battery voltage can be above, below or equal to the output battery voltage. So the Omnicharge DC charger allows the auxiliary battery to be perfectly charged regardless of the input voltage, while being protected against damage due to peak voltages. All this cannot be offered by conventional charging relays or traditional fixed step-up / step-down converters.

The Omnicharge DC battery chargers are compatible with vehicles that are equipped with variable output smart alternators (EUR 6+). It can start to charge based on a programmable input voltage range only, or in combination with an engine run signal. There is also a separate (BMS-) control input available that enables external control for charger-on and -standby.

Best in class power density is offered  by delivering a maximum of 900W from a very compact enclosure. Charge programs for most commonly used battery types are available, but these can also be customized via the Dashboard for Windows or Dashboard Mobile apps. Input start/stop voltages and delays are programmable as well, including the functionality of the status output.

All Omnicharge DC units are easy to install and come standard with a temperature sensor, cable lugs, cable grommets and clear installation and operating instructions.

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