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DC to DC Converters (12V/24V/48V)

DC to DC converters are used to convert from one voltage level to another. In our lineup we are offering models with 12V, 24V or 48V inputs and 12V or 24V outputs at different power levels. There are three different series available: TDC, TDCi and TDCi-CH. Please click the More info button below for a more detailed explanation of the specific differences between each series.

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TBS DC to DC converter family

Automatic Charging Relay – TACR-160

In a boat or vehicle with two battery banks, it is useful to be able to charge both banks while underway. The TACR-160 allows two battery banks to be charged from a single source, such as an alternator, but keep batteries isolated when not charging. This is to avoid that one battery bank discharges the other. Additionally, if one battery bank becomes depleted anyway, there will be a charged bank available for emergency starting.

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TACR-160 Automatic Charging Relay

Battery Protect Relays (solid state)

A TBP Battery Protect Relay protects your batteries from non essential loads before the battery is completely discharged. Causing damage to batteries and potentially a shortage of cranking power to start your engine. These (solid state-) relays also protect connected electrical appliances against over voltage. The battery load is disconnected whenever the DC voltage goes beyond 16V (12V mode) or 32V (24V mode).

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Battery Protect Relay family

Fuses (Mega, ANL and Class-T)

In order to complement the high current fuseholders from our DC Modular lineup, we are able to supply the required fuses as well. TBS is a reseller of premium fuse brand Littelfuse. For optimal safety, we always advise our customers to use fuses from well known brands. The Littelfuse brand has been our first choice for many years, also for use inside our own electronic products.

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mega anl cnn class-t fuse

Basic Remote Control

The Basic Remote Control can be used to remotely check the status of your TBS device and to turn it on or off. It contains the same LED indicators as on the device itself.

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Universal Remote Control

The Universal Remote Control (URC) can be used to remotely readout all available parameters from your TBS inverter, charger or inverter/charger. Depending on the connected device, it can show parameters like input current, input voltage, output voltage or output power. It is also possible to put the connected device in standby mode or to wake it up again.

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Quicklink to Bluetooth Kit

This kit enables you to control, readout and configure the Expert Modular, Omnicharge2 and Omnicharge DC products from an iOS or Android based mobile devices via Bluetooth. The Dashboard Mobile app is available in the Apple App Store and Google Play.

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Dashboard Mobile app

QuickLink to NMEA2000 Communication Kit (Expert Modular only)

This kit enables you to readout the Expert Modular battery monitor through an NMEA2000 network and creates the possibility to show extensive battery bank data on any NMEA2000 compatible display.

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Panel Switch for RBS and TBP contactors

With this panel switch you can send open and close commands to the TBS Remote Battery Switch (RBS) and Battery Protect Relay (TBP) contactors from a convenient location.

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Panel Switch Angled

Temperature Sensor Kit

By connecting the temperature sensor kit to your Expert Pro or Expert Modular, the exact temperature of your battery can be determined, resulting in even more precise battery monitoring.

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Temperature Sensor (plastic)

Powersine Combi Inverter-Chargers

The PSC2000-12-80, PSC2500-24-50, PSC3000-12-120 and PSC3500-24-70 are compact all in one combinations of a true sinewave inverter, a powerful battery charger and an automatic transfer switch. An ideal power station solution for Caravan, RV, Marine or off-grid solar applications.

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