Datasheets Powersine inverters (300W - 450W)

Datasheets Powersine inverters (600W - 800W)

Datasheets Omnicharge battery chargers (40A - 90A)

Datasheets Omnicharge battery chargers (20A - 60A)

Brochure Expert Modular battery monitor

Brochure DC modular busbars, fuseholders and accessories

Manuals Powersine inverters (200W - 800W)

Manual Omnicharge battery chargers (40A - 90A)

Powersine DC to AC inverters

Front view of PS3000-12

Front view of PS1600-12

Powersine 200W – 800W family

Powersine PS600-12

Powersine PS300-12

Omnicharge battery chargers

battery charger image

Front view OC24-80

Angled view OC24-80

Front view OC12-60

Angled view OC12-60

Powersine Combi inverter/chargers

Front view of PSC3000-12-120

Angled view of PSC3000-12-120

Front view of PSC1600-12-60

Angled view of PSC1600-12-60

Expert battery monitors

Expert Modular Shunt + display (CDU)

Expert Modular Shunt + display (CDU)

Expert Modular shunt frontview

Front view Expert Modular shunt

Angled view of Expert Lite

DC Modular Busbars and Fuseholders

Busbar 5xM8

Busbar 3xM8

Insulated Stud 1xM8

Mega Fuseholder 40A - 300A

Mega Fuseholder 40A - 300A

ANL Fuseholder 35A - 300A

ANL Fuseholder 35A - 300A

ANL Fuseholder 35A - 600A

ANL Fuseholder 35A - 600A

Class T Fuseholder 225A - 400A

Class T Fuseholder 225A - 400A

Application example Expert Modular + DC Modular

Application example Expert Modular + DC Modular

Configuration software for Omnicharge, Powersine Combi and Expert Pro products

Configuration software for Expert Modular

Powersine Combi Inverter-Chargers

The PSC2000-12-80, PSC2500-24-50, PSC3000-12-120 and PSC3500-24-70 are compact all in one combinations of a true sinewave inverter, a powerful battery charger and an automatic transfer switch. An ideal power station solution for Caravan, RV, Marine or off-grid solar applications.

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