DC Modular launch

Just released, the first members of the DC Modular family of professional grade fuseholders and busbars!

Due to the ever increasing complexity of electrical DC systems onboard of vehicles or in stationary applications, there is a growing need for a uniform set of products that significantly improves the installation time and flexibility. The TBS DC Modular product range offers a perfect solution for this. It contains a wide range of high current busbars, fuseholders and interconnection materials. Compared to more traditional and often incompatible DC distribution products, the DC Modular system offers many innovative features.

The DC Modular product range is also a perfect companion for the TBS Expert Modular battery monitor. The footprint of this advanced battery monitor fits perfectly into the DC Modular grid, allowing optimal integration with the busbars and fuse holders.

All DC Modular products are equipped with stainless steel studs, washers and nuts for optimal corrosion resistance. Tin plated high purity copper busses provide maximum conductivity, reducing heat and improving efficiency. The base material used for the DC Modular products, is made from a special fiber reinforced compound. This material offers excellent high temperature properties, good chemical resistance and high strength. This focus on the highest quality materials, ensures long lifetimes in harsh environments.

Powersine Combi Inverter-Chargers

The PSC2000-12-80, PSC2500-24-50, PSC3000-12-120 and PSC3500-24-70 are compact all in one combinations of a true sinewave inverter, a powerful battery charger and an automatic transfer switch. An ideal power station solution for Caravan, RV, Marine or off-grid solar applications.

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