Dashboard Mobile V2.0 now available

Our brand new version of Dashboard Mobile is now available for download in the Apple App Store and Google Play! Just search for ‘TBS Electronics Dashboard’ in these stores.

This new version has many improvements. Besides the standard optimizations that each app update contains, we have also polished the UI and improved the device search mechanism.

But one of the most interesting new features is the addition of Omnicharge2 and Ominicharge DC battery charger compatibility. So you can now connect our Bluetooth dongle to the QuickLink communication port of all Omnicharge2 and Omnicharge DC battery chargers. This enables you to not only readout the charger’s status, but also to fully configure these units.

Since Dashboard Mobile V2.0 is build on a totally new and more flexible platform, you can expect further feature additions on a more regular basis.

Please check it and let us know what you think…

Powersine Combi Inverter-Chargers

The PSC2000-12-80, PSC2500-24-50, PSC3000-12-120 and PSC3500-24-70 are compact all in one combinations of a true sinewave inverter, a powerful battery charger and an automatic transfer switch. An ideal power station solution for Caravan, RV, Marine or off-grid solar applications.

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